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Hubii Network to use OmiseGO for payments – Jacobo –

As mentioned in our recent posts — we met with a number of great companies over the last weeks in Europe and in Asia. One of those meetings was with the OmiseGO team.

Through our conversations with the OmiseGO team it became clear how well their mission aligns with ours: empowering users. Hubii already empowers users to control their own content. Using the OmiseGO network, we will also be able to empower them to make their own financial decisions.

As an existing business OmiseGO is just as conscious as we are of the pros and cons of traditional business models, and equally appreciate the potential of blockchains and smart contracts.

Thus, it was an easy decision for us: Hubii Network will be leveraging the OmiseGO platform for the benefit of our users.

Hubii already serves content to 50 million customers, generating millions of transactions across the world every day. We are working to move those volumes to Hubii Network and blockchain.

“We are pleased Hubii Network will be using OmiseGO’s innovations in scalable smart contracts to solve the issues around micro-payments. We believe the OmiseGO fully public network and decentralized payment platform will bring an unprecedented level of financial freedom to the content industry,” says Vansa Chatikavanij, Managing Director, OmiseGO.

We look forward to demonstrating the power of blockchain through the combination of content and payments: making relevant content easy to access, easy to pay for and making it easier to get compensated as a content creator.

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