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Blocked by a Self-Hating Jewish Revolutionary Wannabe

Tony Greenstein posts a lot of anti-Israel material, mainly denouncing Jews for annoying his pals the ‘pals’, and telling us to ignore blatant examples of Anti-Semitism. I guess he’s hoping to persuade the non-Jewish Jew-haters out there to harm those other Jews, ‘cuz Tony is one of them! Sure he is.

One of Tony’s latest extravaganzas praises a foolish little Swedish trollop, Elin Ersson, who kept a plane from taking off so as to keep an Afghan migrant from being deported. We are to be inspired by fools like this, Tony tells us.


But as with most everything that makes the Left drool, it turns out that Elin’s dream of freeing the migrant could have had really bad consequences:

THIS is what happens when people with the “save-the-whales!” mentality of adolescent girls try to impose their will on everyone else. It generally does not end well.

But that’s not the punchline.

I posted the Foxnews.com article as a response to Tony’s love note to Elin. And within 30 seconds it was down and I was blocked. Way to go, Tony!

Since I can’t communicate with Tony anymore, do feel free to send him my regards should you encounter him and his Leftist hatred for his own people in the future.