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INT — The Purpose Built IoT Solution – INT Chain –

One-size Does Not Fit All

The true value of the Internet of Things comes from creating an ever-expanding ocean of data from a world of interconnected devices that would enable artificial intelligence to make lives easier and the integration of technology seamless.

This future will only be possible if there is a shared standard of communication and unified network where all devices can seamlessly integrate into a new internet, Web 3.0. Currently, the data collected in this quickly expanding IoT ecosystem is stored on data islands dedicated to that device or manufacturer. The lack of standard and availability isolates the data from use in a larger computational network, limiting the usability of the data collected to a small group of narrow applications.

The difficulty in achieving a universal IoT network is to satisfy all needs of all devices and uses in one easy to integrate system. Thus far the diversity of needs has prevented any one project from being successful. No one-size-fits-all approach will work here. There are the simple devices that will communicate small amounts of data very frequently and there are more complex smart devices that will need to communicate large data sets or require external input or data storage, along with a myriad of in-betweens.


INT recognizes that any single chain solution would not be able to satisfy the requirements of the IoT. What is needed is a dynamic and scalable network that can support high throughput, smart contracts, data storage, configurable privacy, and decentralized applications to support any use case. INT has therefore built a heterogeneous multi-chain network that allows for use case defined subchains which are supported by the main chain. Each subchain being purpose-built to suit the intended use.

Segregating each use into subchains allows high specificity in their design, optimizing it for that purpose while segregating any congestion to that subchain, increasing throughput, and stability for the whole network. With each subchain passing transaction data up to the main chain for further validation, block generation, and block storage, all subchains have access to the information within other subchains, opening the doors to wider applications.

INT also understands that standardizing communication into the network is easier than standardizing the way devices communicate. With that in mind, INT designed and developed a blockchain router in partnership with Zhejiang Telecom to not only standardize IoT device communication into the INT network but to also act as a gateway for resource sharing. This will allow users to share idle bandwidth, storage space and computational resources for DAG based P2P file sharing (IPFS), content delivery, edge computing and get paid for doing so.

All of this sets the foundation for a use case driven, reactive, scalable, and adaptive network to serve as the base for the future IoT ecosystem.

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