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How to get your coin listed on COBINHOOD Exchange – COBINHOOD –

Dos, don’ts, and precautions for token listings

Token listing on COBINHOOD Exchange

Method 1: Listing your token on COBINHOOD Exchange

If your token finished the ICO stage, or is currently on the token-sale phase, the process below is the only way your coin will be considered for listing on COBINHOOD Exchange. This shall take effect starting February 1, 2018.

  1. Fill in this token-listing form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOOXHv5YDmgXTpb58Cb3tlOlWn3VWY19Eb67E5FRuoWkkZdA/viewform
  2. An official representative from the COBINHOOD team will reach out to you (via email first) after 1–5 business days regarding your token-listing application.
  3. Further discussions on how to proceed with the listing shall be discussed once the official representative from the COBINHOOD team reaches out to you about your application.
1. The COBINHOOD team does not profit from listing tokens on the exchange, thus, please keep in mind that:
If you've been approached by a user (especially on Telegram) to deposit BTC or ETH to expedite the process, chances are, this user is not a part of the COBINHOOD team, and is probably a scammer. Please be careful.
2. Speaking of Telegram, you can also verify the validity of the user you're talking to with our official COBINHOOD Telegram chatbot @cobinbutlerbot. Just forward one of the "admin's" messages to @cobinbutlerbot to verify if it’s a real admin—@cobinbutlerbot should tell you that “The sender is a verified Cobinhood admin.” ✅
3. Token suggestions via Canny (not guaranteed 🚫):
We might consider listing your coin via other methods (eg, https://cobinhood.canny.io/exchange, where admins will take the tokens listed in Canny into consideration but it is highly unlikely. We generally use Canny to understand the COBINHOOD community’s feedback and suggestions and not for token listing. Please use the form mentioned above to get considered for listing.

Method 2: ICO Underwriting

COBINHOOD’s ICO Underwriting service

One of COBINHOOD’s cryptocurrency service is to help companies launch their own tokens through our ICO underwriting service. Part of the service is automatic listing on COBINHOOD Exchange once the ICO period is finished. If you plan on launching a successful ICO (just like the CyberMiles ICO), check out the the ICO underwriting services we offer, here.

DISCLAIMER: The COBINHOOD team is not responsible for making any further arrangements or other compensation actions should your team fail to do the token-listing process mentioned above or fail to meet eligibility requirements found on the listing form or based on our internal guidelines.

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