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Help VINchain get listed on CoinEx and join the VIN token airdrop

As our products continue through development, listing on additional exchanges offers increasing utility. Our community will be enthused to hear that we are taking part in a competition to get listed on an often-requested exchange, CoinEx.

The rules are simple. Simply complete the voting process and reward will be distributed after successful listing on CoinEx exchange; you will earn 3700 VIN tokens (VIN) for voting and 740 VIN for referring a friend. You will get airdrop for only one vote. Reward will be distributed to the first 1000 people who voted only after our successful listing on CoinEx exchange.

Voting qualifications: ONLY ID verified accounts with a minimum holding of 1000 CoinEx currency (CET) are eligible.

Cost: Each user can cast ONE vote for each project and each vote costs ONE CET. There is a maximum of 5 votes per account, per week. Once you’ve cast a vote, your CET is NOT refundable.

Complete the following actions to apply for VIN airdrop:
Join our Telegram at: https://t.me/vinchainio
2. If you don’t yet have a CoinEx account, signup at: https://www.coinex.com/

Detailed voting instructions:
3. Vote for us at: https://www.coinex.com/vote/project?id=1127
4. After submitting your vote, you must fill out the airdrop form to qualify at: https://vinchain.io/vote-exchange

VIN tokens are currently available on the IDAX exchange to buy and sell. Join us today and let’s evolve the automotive industry together.

Exchanges have been a hot topic among our community, as always we’re grateful for your feedback and continued support.

Stay Up to Date:
Join our announcement group to stay up-to-date on all news and developments at: https://t.me/VINChainOfficialAnnouncements.

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